2019 Advanced Skills Hockey Camp

June 30 - July 3 sessions

This program is designed for players and goalies looking for a top notch camp to enhance their skills, receiving high quality coaching and prepare for tryouts.

Advanced Skills Hockey Camp coached by Brett Denap (Men’s Hockey Coach at McKendree, Carshield AAA coach) and assistants. 4 hours of instructor led ice times.

-2006-2010 birth years

-Limited to 25 out skaters and 4 goalies per session who are playing at the Travel level in 2019-20. Minimum of 3 coaches per session.

Focus: Puck handling, Shooting, Situational Awareness, Puck Protection, Positioning and Passing.


Sunday, June 30 - 6pm (Meramec Shark Tank) – Instructor led session

Monday, July 1 - 6:45pm (Meramec Shark Tank) – Instructor led session

Tuesday, July 2 - 7:30pm (Meramec Shark Tank) – Instructor led session

Wednesday, July 3 7:30pm (Meramec Shark Tank) - Instructor led session

Cost: $95 for outskaters and $30 for goalies

Questions: Email daarias76@sbcglobal.net or reggie.tillitt@gmail.com


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