Who We Are

The Arch City Youth Sports Club is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service and incorporated in the State of Missouri. The purpose of the Arch City Youth Sports Club is to provide a platform for area youth to receive high quality coaching, participate in competitive sports and learn “off the field” values through community service and other projects.



How Our Club is Different

The Arch City Youth Sports Club strives for our kids to build a closer relationship with the community and each team participates in at least one community service activity during the season.

Our philosophy is simple.

  • We want our kids to stand apart from other organizations, teach them about the real world, and get them involved in the community.

  • We want our kids to have a fun and safe environment to develop their athletic abilities.

  • We want our kids to be active in the community, create new friendships, develop their social skills and values.

  • We want our kids to have the same opportunities as other "select" clubs without paying a premium for it.

Our club is not limited to one sport, we encourage teams of all sports and abilities to join. We have house recreation teams as well as competitive tournament teams. Each team in the club is ran independently by the head coach. The head coach decides on the everything related to that team. Team finances are all kept separately and managed by the head coach. Our club aspect comes in to play when we plan our community service projects. Making a significant impact in the community is much easy with a larger group. Our club also has no paid staff, so overhead costs are minimal while receiving the benefit of tax exempt donations. Since we are a non-profit, we also offer team and individual fundraising to allow everyone an opportunity to reduce the cost of the season. Individual fundraising event go directly to the player participating.